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Queen of Skulls is the result of a lifelong passion for alternative art and skulls. My intense fascination with skeletons, skulls and bones began at the age of four, resulting in a large personal collection. Through Queen of Skulls, I have finally found an outlet to indulge in my unusual passion and express my somewhat unusual creative impulses. I have always been drawn to the beauty that can be found in darkness, and something about the tangible remains of a once living entity, after all else had disappeared, continues to enthral me.

Throughout the history English culture and widely in the art world, skulls have been synonymous with death and morbidity, drawing the viewer to explore the fragility of life. For me, skeletons and skulls have always represented the exact opposite, I view them as nature’s most incredible structure, the true core upon which all life is built.

As an animal lover, all of my skulls are ethically sourced. They are always cleaned, treated and adorned with the great respect that these beautiful creatures deserve. My aim is always to embellish and accentuate the natural splendour of each unique skull. My hope is that even in death, the spirit of these magnificent beasts can continue to be admired and appreciated for years to come, allowing them some degree of immortality through art.



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