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Nick Stroud aka KillJoy.

Nick Stroud aka KillJoy. After turning down a place at Goldsmith’s College in London in the 1980s, Nick instead joined an interior design company that specialised in furniture making and decorative finishes. That experience in creative workmanship, together with his innate desire to be an artist, has been a key factor in the work he produces today. Over the past 10 years Nick has re-awakened his passion for art, creating neon lights and skull work, using lighting sculpture and resins with finishes such as chrome and grafitti. These enhance the skull, which is lit up, glowing and presented in ornate frames: perfect for urban style tastes. Killjoy skulls and artwork are installed in venues such as the Libertines Hotel and have been exhibited in the UK and overseas. 

“People always expect me to be covered in tattoos, listening to heavy metal, and wearing leather trousers...but skulls are not like that for me. I try and live life to the full, to enjoy the things I enjoy. I'm looking always for new inspiration and creating new art. None of us can escape it [death], I love skulls...hate death!  My art has nothing to do with death. Death is such a KillJoy.”


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