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Hannah Getley is an applied artist originally from Devon who works in a range of materials and disciplines to create unique and beautiful art. Making and painting are her passion. Hannah creates artwork which speaks of her childhood growing up on the Devon coast surrounded by Estuary and Sea. She began her Art career at the Plymouth college of Art and Design and then went on to complete an Applied Arts degree at the University of Derby. It was there that she discovered she is happiest working with a broad variety of materials. Hannah went on to work in the film industry on big budget movies for over 16 years making props and finishing them using specialist paint techniques. Including all the Harry Potter films, Bond 007, The Dark Knight and many more. Her long career in the film industry has given her a diversity of skills which she now applies to her own work as an artist.

These Sea skulls have been created by Hannah and produced in London by an artisan ceramist. They are slip cast in high grade porcelain before Hannah hand decorates each one individually.  The concept of these skulls focuses upon sailors of old and the tattoo's they adorned their skin with to display the places they had been, the people who were special to them, honour and as a way of keeping them safe at sea. The skulls are decorated with anchors, hearts, feathers, swallow's, star's, moth's and tall ships amongst many other symbols. Each skull is a unique one off piece of art and original. Hannah also takes commisions for her skulls and can customise any skull with any design on it so it is personal to you. Have your own tattoo decorated on a skull. Hannah thinks of her sea skulls as good luck talismans to those who buy them. Keep them whole to protect the soul...


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