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Francesco Conti was born and grew up in Rome, Italy. My father was Italian, my mother is English. My father liked art and he took me around to see a lot of it in Rome. As a career I chose science - specifically molecular neuroscience and genetics. I have worked in research laboratories in Europe and America, settling down in London, England. I paint in both oils and acrylics, though the latter are my favourite medium, because I prefer the consistency of the paint, how it responds to the brush and moves across the canvas, and I like to paint went into dry. My subject matter at the moment revolves around urban landscapes and political themes. My work has been described as ‘alienated realism’. I unwillingly tend to notice the darker side of things, what lies on the other side, concealed from our perception. I feel that the places that we live in have a personality, not immediately apparent, at times sinister, and often echoing loneliness. These are the feelings that, for the most part unintentionally, tend to come to the surface when I paint.

Skull Art Exhibition 5th October - 9th November 2019



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