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Emmett Mulligan...Dublin based illustrator. Minimum training, maximum patience. Worshipper of heavy guitars and Sabbath-esque riffs. If I can spend 4 hours putting dots in one corner of a page, I'm happy. When in doubt, skull one out!

About "Heart Garden"
A friend I loved very dearly took her own life 3 years ago. When I looked back over our last conversation, I could see little cries for help that I didn't spot at the time. Thinking about it, I guessed other friends might  be thinking the same about their own chats with her. We would all happily give up our hearts to have her back and chat some more with her. So I drew this figure,  who is literally growing new hearts in his chest and offering them up to an unseen presence off page, someone who may need it more than he.

Skull Art Exhibition 5th October - 9th November 2019



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