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Bruce Giffen AKA SayantraArt. As an engraver with over 30 years experience, I’ve always loved art and creativity. A few years ago, I needed a new challenge and decided to put my engraving skills to different use. I have since been developing several processes to make ‘engraved art’ and experimenting with different mediums. I am really interested in patterns, texture, geometry and symbols and I’ve always had a fascination with skulls. I also use a lot of religious/spiritual/Eastern images in my work. I have a workshop full of engraving machines and tools. My preferred tool is the laser engraver as for my art it gives the best results. I use natural, sustainable and recycled materials wherever possible and like to make things that have meaning, I also buy old picture frames that I up-cycle.

I go by the name SayantraArt, which is a blend of 2 words:

Sayagata - a Japanese kimono pattern using interlocking Manji (Swastikas),

Yantra - a mystical diagram used as a meditation aid in the Hindu religion.

As well as wall art, I make clocks using recycled vinyl records and drinks coasters from wood, metal and stone. My work is popular with tattoo artists and I've sold to them globally including London, LA and Berlin.

Skull Art Exhibition 5th October - 9th November 2019



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