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Submissions are NOW OPEN for "WEEK SIX" Online Exhibitions

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We are calling for original paintings/artwork for our weekly onlines.

You'll help entertain with your amazing art, gain more followers on social media, deal with your own enquiries, you may get sales. Maybe you would like to share your art with others and our collection of followers have the opportunity to discover you.

We can together create a mild distraction each week, something to add to the calender. Quirky; Interesting;  Wonderful; Unique; Lovely;  Intriguing; Urban; Photography, Paintings,  Sculpture, Digital.

Art Exhibition \\ WEEK 6  \\ 15 May - 21 May 2020.


DEADLINE \\  Thursdays 11:59pm

There is no pysical drop off. This is online only .

Onlines WILL BE introduced on Fridays approx 7pm. (please accept this is a fast changing and updating situation it could be 8pm or 9pm we'll do our upmost best)

When submitting, include full details of  1 to 4 artworks. All art will be originally created by the person who submits.

Send to:

with Subject Header 'WEEK 6 or

Include with your submission: typed

Name, Titles, Medium, Size, Retail Price, Website or  / instagram

We'll choose all 4 or a selection of your entires.

Telephone Number (telephone only used for us to contact you)

*Please note we are unable to give feedback on unsuccessful submissions though we are keen to share art from artists all around the world, whether a seasoned professional, a new emerging talent or a budding local artist.

DO NOT SEND MASSIVE FILES: 72dpi/500KB is enough (or for tech savvy artists 900 pixels wide - web ready)

Please ensure the image is clear enough not blury and looks clear on a full screen on a computer screen. Your image will be posted online and your name website and/or social media will be made public. Please note any personal information you have on your website is your responsiblity and you may be contacted by people who use those details.

Only send Jpegs and PNG please - DO NOT SEND WORD DOCUMENTS PLEASE. 



We will be creating a new online exhibition each week for as long as we need to. Announcements will be posted on our Instagram/Facebook/Website and email list. Any links to live streams will be posted. We will deal with one week at a time

10th April - 16th April / Ended (rolled over)/

17th April - 23rd April / Ended (rolled over)

24th April - 30th April / never happened.

1st May - 7th May / Ended (rolled over)

8th May - 14th May / On Now

15th May - 21st May / Submissions Close Thur 14th May 11:59pm.

22nd May - 28th May / Submissions Close Thu 21st May 11:59pm.

Exhibition Cost:

£35 Per Artist includes Publication of upto 4 artworks.

It does not cost anything to submit. Only if accepted and published online. Payment via paypal.

PLEASE NOTE: This exhibition will involve online promotion only.

Artist do not need to bring their artwork to the gallery but should have it available for sale - Artists will deal with their own sales or enquiries. There is no commission.

We are keen to showcase newly created art that has not been exhibited before but that is not a requirement we are happy to include recent work.

We will not be dealing with sales of online exhibitions unless they are artworks already at the gallery.

In order to make the friday evening showcase more interesting - all images will be revealed at approx 7-8pm. We won't be pre- releasing names until then. So please wait till the friday evening to share our post and announce.

Submissions /Medium :

all mediums/with a clear and good image. 72dpi (only for web viewing) We do not need full resolution files.

Please include the art details typed in the email. Artists must be over 18 Years.


Your image, name, art title and website link will be posted on line. Images do not need to be full resolution but must be clear and web viewable. This means clear and unpixelated at full screen on a large computer screen (not just small on a phone or tablet). Ensure the image you send us is viewable on a desktop and not just a small phone screen. We wont be able to change images once they are posted. Each weekly will share the art and website of the artists across a number of platforms.

The reveal of each Weekly Thursdays or Friday. Posts will remain on social media. Our website will prioritise the active weekly.

IF YOU HAVE ANY ENQUIRIES  please drop us an email

or contact us via instagram. These are the only two avenues where your enquiries will be seen. 

Please DO read this page fully, as much we aim to add all the information we feel artists need - we may have missed something. Or if something is unclear let us know...


If you are contacted by potential buyers. Firstly beware of scammers unfortunately they exist even in the art world. Never arrange odd transactions. If you are unsure feel free to contact us.

Otherwise please be professional with enquiries you recieve and treat all with privacy and professionalism and respect. We're here to promote and share but we want everyone to be safe and happy.

Copyright 2020 Nude Tin Can Ltd.

Artwork remains the copyright of the respective artists and must not be taken or copied.

125 Hatfield Road, St Albans, Herts AL1 4JS

Tel: 01727 569291

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