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SUBMISSIONS \\ ARE OPEN  Hertfordshire 2022 Art Exhibitions.

Welcome to our open art calls for spring 2022

'Shake It Up' Open Theme: Contemporary Art

Exhibition Dates: 2nd April - 30th April 2022

Private View: 1st April 6.30pm - 9.00pm

Drop Off: Sat 26th March 10am - 4pm

Collection of unsold: Sun 29th May 4pm - 5pm

Deadline for submissions: SUBMISSIONS CLOSED

'Journey to Extinction: Wildlife Art Exhibition'

Exhibition Dates: 7th May - 29th May 2022

Private View: Friday 6th May 6.30pm - 9.30pm

Drop Off: Sat 30th April 12noon - 4pm

Collection of unsold: Sun 29th May 4pm -5pm

Deadline for submissions: SUBMISSIONS CLOSED

Exhibition cost per artist £65pp per exhibition (not per artwork)

Commission on Sales 25%


email subject must be: 'EXTINCTION' or 'SHAKE IT UP'

there is no need to include anything else in your email subject header.. send to:

We ask you submit upto 5 images for consideration. All artwork must be available for sale. The items selected for exhibition will vary for each artist and is irrelevant of size or quantity and will be selected on merit.

Include your name, telephone number (we'll only use this if we need to contact you) and instagram/website so we can view your art collection. 

Mediums: Exhibitions are open to original paintings and sculpture, Digital Art/Photogrpahy if that is the creative medium. We do not accept prints derived from an original artwork. Any Digital/Photogrpahy must be high end archival, Pigmented ink print process.

Sending your images: You will need to re-name your files as well as listing them typed in your email. ie

'Crisps Are Yum'

by Billy Bagshot

Acrylic on canvas

30xm x 30cm

(if framed please include the additional framed size seperate from the artwork size.



(14 pts in a helvetica (or similar) no line spacing. We may grab and copy and paste this info - this makes it easy for us in future postings. It also means we can easily source the artwork images that relate your submissions and include the info you type to use on our website.

Labels: If accepted you will supply your own labels on a stiff card - and deliver with your artwork - no line spacing, no logos'. Simply the above details the size of a business card on stiff white card with black text). To have a uniformed look - please keep to that detail.

All artworks will be exclusively available for sale via Nude Tin Can from the point of acceptance into the upcoming exhibition and will remain exclusively available via Nude Tin Can until the collection date.


We need web ready JPEGS or PNG viewable images. this must be an individual image you attach - not a zip file.  Your email must have the images immediately viewable on the submission email.  No larger than 1MB. Anything larger than that makes it unviewable or difficult to view.

Any image you submit to us will be the same file used for promo online. We are unable to download or post files that are more than 1mb. So please don't send us large files.

Please Do Not submit links such as weTransfer - we do not click on links or download such files. Please do not send us your submissions in a word document or pdf we will not be able to view your submissions therefore your submission may not be viewed.


Labelling your image files: Before you submit your art to us, it is important that you rename the files you send us. This must include, Your name, art title, medium, size (in CM), price. (reason is for easy reference so we can post and allocate any artists artwork with efficiency. Failure to do this may mean you are not selected. So we ask you fully read all of this blurb before submitting - there is no need to rush.

Exhibition Cost

Selected artists will pay £65 exhibition cost per exhibition. this includes, display time, promo, admin, marketing, set up of exhibition and private view, including refreshments.

Sales made are 25% commission. Your RRP should be consistent with your current RRP..

Before submission please ensure you are able to commit to the drop off time and dates and the collection of unsold work as we are unable to accommodate variants. Please note you are aware that this exhibition will also involve a further period where your art is available passed the exhibition dates. Please scroll up to the exhibition date info.

Insurance: Artists are responsible for any insurance or liabilities for their own artwork, ensuring their artwork is fully covered for the duration of the exhibition and any duration on our premises from drop off to collection. All values and risks must be fully covered by the artists own insurance for their items, the gallery will take no responsibility for loss or damage no matter how caused or by whom. We take the utmost care with items on our premises.

Posting: Though we are happy to receive accepted artworks by post, we are unable to offer any return postage - artists must make these arrangements and they must be arranged at the specified collection date and times, we can take no responsibility in packing any artwork for returning if unsold - artist must collect in person or make their own arrangements with a third party to package and collect.

Marketing/Promo: Artists agree to allow their art images to be used for promo and marketing of the event. At our discretion, this may be online via social media or in print. Any images we or post we make on social media are at our discretion.

Hanging: Picture hanging items must have d-rings and picture wire/nylon string. You must ensure the screws/wire used are suitable for the size and weight of the artwork. Must be secure and ready for any buyer to take home and hang with security or stability. We cannot accept crocodile hooks.  We also have an adjustable hanging hook system that does not allow for items to be nailed into the wall. This can make small items difficult to hang flush. Any queries, please call us. 

Each artwork accepted and delivered for exhibition must have artists name and art title on back of the art work.

Mediums: Exhibitions are open to original paintings and sculpture, digital prints of that is the creative medium. We do not accept prints derived from an original artwork.

Data: To promote an exhibition we will of course share your name your artwork and any social media links and tags associated with your artist profile, Any information you share online via your website or social media are public and are your own responsibility, 

Contacting us: Please note we are not on whatsapp, and any urgent enquiries should be made to us by telephone call. This is the best way for us to deal with enquiries. Please refrain from requests during the exhibition asking us to take photographs or whether someone has been interested in your artwork. We will gladly talk to you after the exhibition and any sales you will be notified off the same day usually.

Social Media

An additional note on posts we make on social media, During the length of the exhibition not every post we make will include your artwork. We also reposition the display througout an exhibition and artworks may have moved location due to changing the window etc. 

Please remember this is a physical location and we run the venue for in person visitors.  That is our priority. 

Please allow us to use our social media at our own descretion and the choices we make on what photographs we choose to post. and when and why.

You are welcome to take your own photographs of the exhibition and post how you wish on your own social media.

Sales: Any sales made monies will be paid to artists by bacs within 30 days of the last day of the exhibition. 

Any questions please call 07519 743452 Mon - Fri.