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My work is   a reflection of the thin line between sanity and madness both in society and sociology.  I want people to see additional things when they look at my work - things they would not notice at first. By that I mean it literally (not in an abstract sense).

When I was growing up ā€“ the art world seemed unobtainable to me. An out of reach establishment. Something  not available. At the time I thought art was oil paintings and champagne darlings. The thinks I wanted to make - to my understanding at the time, wasn't art. It took a few years to persue my passion and I just started making stuff. It had to start with an idea and concept and I would just start making it. Or an object would jump out at me (that one is not literal) and Iā€™d buy it ā€“ like a wooden Wendy house. I'll Infuse it with gritty elements and urban experiences inspired from growing up in London. A subject such as homlessness - lead to the discovery of anti homeless spikes - used to disuade [the homeless] people from sleeping at locations.

I'll be holding my First exhibition this december at Nude Tin Can and welcome you all to visit and explore.


A full exhibition will be held at Nude Tin Can  ,

1 - 15 December 2018.

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