Julie Maginn


Nude Tin Can

125 Hatfield Road

St Albans



01727 569291


'Daydreamer, Night Thinker' Exhibition

30 Oct - 10 Nov 2018.

Evening Reception Friday 2 November 2018 6.30pm - 9pm


What starts out as yearning becomes the seed of a new beginning. It’s like a secret between myself and the canvas.


I express myself using my own style and language, guided by instinct and impulse.

My figures appear in a timeless, dream-like world. Ghosts of past paintings are encapsulated in the canvas, evoking hearts full of hope, expectation and tenderness. The exuberant colours are dictated by emotions I see in the emerging faces.


The magical process of glazing enhances the colour of the painting so they become richly hued which shifts depending on the play of light or the position of the viewer.


I devote my time to teaching and practising. I find it invigorating to be around people who share my passion for creativity, and I love that I am able to inspire others on their artistic journey.



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