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Stuart Beck. My own creative process is to freely explore texture, colour and form without a definitive vision for the end result. This element of freedom is the hardest discipline to maintain, yet is a crucial part of the process.  The early seeds of an idea will include the colours and a loose style for the painting. The creative development then ebbs and flows until there is a natural sense that the work is complete. I take timeduring periods of the work to reflect on the possibilities for what comes next and what the final outcome may be.

Inspiration: 'What Should We Believe'

Considering the big world picture in terms of the role of humanity within it, opens a large field for debate. If it is possible for the world to find or at least aim for an acceptable balance for life and our planet, we surely need a shared appreciation of why we are here and the motivation to strive for something that is better for all things. It shouldn’t have to matter how we got here, but that we are all one and at one with nature. The present themes of world borders, greed fuelled economics, human inequalities and an excessive emphasis on self indulgence are clearly concepts that require great change on a global scale, in order to escape the limitations that have a hold on us at this present time.

Stuart Beck - What Should We Believe
Stuart Beck - What Should We Believe
101.5cm x 101.5cm Acrylic on canvas.



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