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Nils Peters (b.1972), from Hamburg creates  his work with the concept of association and imagination. Painting meets collage, meets material assemble combining to create a visual language of its own. Fragments of words form meaningful subject while producing  their own aesthetic meaning. Their application  reminiscent of the word / image collages of Dadaism. Nils Peters assigns surreal absurdities and chaos to create a coherent work of art. This is where enigmatic and fantastic compositions are created, that playfully juxtapose  and give readability.

"My work is inspired by the absurd rigid definitions of order, purity and perfection that illuminate the beauty of the opposite."

In 2005, Peters wanted to write down his thoughts  of “not perfection”. When this failed, he decided to paint them.

So the idiosyncratic started painting in 2005. His first exhibition was a solo show  in Hamburg gallery in 2011.

Since then Peters' work has been exhibited in numerous galleries in Germany, Italy and Austria,  as well as at various art fairs in Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Innsbruck, Hannover, Lübeck. So far, he has been able to present his work in over 60 exhibitions including 16 Solo shows. One of his works was published in the US art magazine "Artbook Milwaukee".

Nils Peters - Pure
Nils Peters - Pure
Acrylic and mixed media on canvas 140 x 110cm £2250
Nils Peters - What a Big Ben
Nils Peters - What a Big Ben
Acrylic, collage on canvas £325
Nils Peters - The Elephant on the Hill
Nils Peters - The Elephant on the Hill
Acrylic, collage on canvas £325



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