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Nude Tin Can

125 Hatfield Road

St Albans



01727 569291


Laura Dunmow - Spectrum of Light
Fasion Face Masks
Sal Jones - Dressing Room
Francesco Conti - Until Further Notice
Darren James MacPherson - Basquit
St Albans Clay City
St Albans Clay City
The Kids of St Albans are creating a mini clay city in our window, expanding on it daily...

Nude Tin Can Art Gallery in St Albans. 

Contemporary art gallery in St Albans where you can buy original paintings and artwork by professional and emerging artists. 

We work with London artists and local artists.

Monday 6th - Wednesday 8th July We will be open 9am - 5pm. Our new stock of fashion face masks is avialable from Monday.

Otherwise someone generally will be at the gallery 12 - 2pm Tue - Sat to deal with sales enquiries. You can also find art details of many of the artworks we currently have in stock and available on our ART page.

If you have any enquires about the artworks or would like to view or purchase in person, please drop us an email and include your telephone number and we'll contact you to make any arrangements.

Copyright 2020 Nude Tin Can Ltd.

Artwork remains the copyright of the respective artists and must not be taken or copied.

125 Hatfield Road, St Albans, Herts AL1 4JS

Tel: 01727 569291

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