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A collection of new artwork in St Albans' Best Art gallery. Located in Fleetville St Albans. Free parking directily outside. We reopen this spring and will be introducing a stack of new art and artists to the gallery. A range of original paintings and art styles - Including abstract art, portrait art, photography, landscape, ceramics, digital art, figurative art, modern art, urban art and minimalist art. The great white square of loveliness fills its walls again. Whether you seek bright urban art and affordable originals for your interiors - big or small. You are most welcome to come along and view the artwork, and browse. Many of the artists are awaiting your discovery and want their art to be seen, so don't be shy. We showcase new as well as established artists and we fully encourage you to visit and enjoy the art in comfort and take some time to really look. 

Some events may also be open on a Sunday  

Check OPEN hours for updates

11am - 5pm Tue

11am - 5pm Wed

11am - 5pm Thu

11am - 5pm Fri

10am - 5pm Sat

Sarah Gidden Exhibition will be open Sunday 11th July

12noon - 5pm 

Our art gallery walls will be filled with amazing new artworks. Large art and small art, art for interiors, abstract art, urban art, landscape, colourful art, landscapes, portraits, photography and illustration. Whether you seek to buy art or would love to come and view and enjoy observing. You are most welcome.

Art at Nude Tin Can St Albans

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Artwork remains the copyright of the respective artists and must not be taken or copied.

125 Hatfield Road, St Albans, Herts AL1 4JS