Stuart Beck


Nude Tin Can

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St Albans



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You'll be greeted to a colourful experience featuring a new collection original paintings.


Lancashire born artist Stuart had an early introduction to art as a boy under the tuition of his late father. Later in life, his extensive travels around the world and keen interest in interiors and design have become a prominent inspiration in the abstract art he creates.


Abstract art on many levels is an escape from reality, providing the viewer varying degrees of freedom to interpret the piece and feel their own emotions. His work is a free expression of colour, texture and application. There are no rules. Each artwork is a personal journey, involving varying degrees of madness, pleasure, confusion, frustration and euphoria until finally the painting ends and the results in a completed piece of artwork.


29 March - 11 April 2019 join us at Nude Tin Can with a featured exhibition of Stuart Becks' - Abstract Art. Stuart will be revealing a BRAND NEW collection in the exhibition, so if you love is work and would like to attend the private view: You can book your RSVP HERE

You can also look for updates on the exhibition facebook event.


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