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Irene was born in Siena, Italy, in 1982. As a self taught artist, her research involves mainly painting, analog photography and wood sculpture. Her collectable and unique style of narrative portraiture, with rosy cheeks and big almond eyed characters surrounded by detailed patterns, floral elements and surreal scenes, have recently caught the attention of international collectors and galleries. Her favourite techniques are watercolour and acrylics, but also self produced pigments. She loves paper and she applies it everywhere, even on canvas or board, she believes that the texture of this support is the most suitable for her style. Her works, which are represented by galleries in Italy, UK and recently in China, feature in private collection in Australia, Italy, United Kingdom, China and United States.

I love people and books. That's why I always try to put a story behind every work I realize, and that's why I'm so fond of paper as a support for my paintings. My works aims to be narrative and rich in suggestions, so that people could not only look at their decorative value, but also imagine what's going on in the pictures. After years of black and white works, colours exploded everywhere. My characters are ironic and maybe a bit bizarre, but they always try to tell you something. My main inspiration comes from Southern American and Eastern European art, and naturally from kitsch in all its forms. Muay thai teached me a lot, and this can be seen in my art as well: in combat sports you don't only have to fight an opponent, but you have to fight him fairly. This sort of controlled rage, this tension ready to explode is so powerful and gave me loads of inspiration for my pictures.

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