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Born [in 1985] exactly 104 years after Pablo Picasso, Daniel Fay is an emerging Russian artist. Fay and Picasso also share the same attitude within Art. Specifically, - Art must be a joy to people, success for its creator, and finally, in art there must always be an element of show. These principles, together with his unique talents, have allowed Daniel, in a short space of time to achieve visible success. Including one of his shows attracting almost 1000 visitors. 

In 1996, his family moved from Tashkent (Uzbekistan) to Russia, to a small town called Volzhsk, where Fay was able to fulfil his dream of attending art school. By the turn of the Millennium, Daniel began to paint in oils and on 7, February, 2000 completed his first oil painting. This date etched in Daniel’s memory forever not becuase of an art triumph but that same day, Daniels father, who strongly influenced his creative development,  sadly passed away.

A period, spent in a spirit of solitude and grief began the period of reflections and experiments in “ingenious” art. The manner of art, work and expression, borne out of solitude, grief and reflection - and is the base of his artistic creations to this day.


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